Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Holy Power Surge, Batman!

I have a fear of electricity, 2+ years working in the college lab left me with a habit of touching wood panels before turning metal door knobs to prevent static shock, a habit that I still have to this day. And yes, there's the certain degree of dislike when it comes to turning switches on or off.

My old foe, electricity, decided to throw a curve ball at me today. What appeared to be an early morning power failure to an entire row of office buildings evolved into an IT Techincal Personnel's nightmare, a POWER SURGE.

List of known casualties in the office: 2 PC power supply units, 1 LCD monitor, 1 Server power supply unit, and my PC's hard disk and motherboard (it's acting very weird). I got everything up before 4 p.m., except for my own PC, since it took quite a beating.

According to the TNB guys (that's the Electricity Board), the neighbours were pretty unlucky themselves, the ones next door lost a bunch of PCs, and the office down the row, PCs and apparently a Server, along with their work in it.

That info can't be vouched for but I do know that the sundry shop's fridges were knocked out, no cold Red Bull for me.

And no, to the people who asked, I'm not dead, neither did I get zapped. My shoulder hurts from carrying equipment and servers here and there, but what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger. And also, the surge has created awareness for surge protection, something that I've been advocating for the past 2 years. Now I get to buy voltage regulators.

*Nine Over Ten's game related content will resume after this post. Blame TNB if you absolutely must, but those chaps are trying their best as well.