Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pop Goes The Weasel

Currently my workspace covers a portion of the meeting room table, the surrounding floor space, a makeshift server room previously known as MY room, and two large tables (those workstation types you get from Ikea) whereby I do my Dr. Frankenstein work on apparently dead PCs and servers. Talk about being in a crisis mode (refer to previous posts).

And there was another power failure earlier this evening.


The thing about Puyo Pop Fever (PSP) is that it is very entertaining for a puzzle game, and it's great fun playing the game in near pitch black darkness, which is how my workspace can get whenever there is a power outage. Think Tetris meets Street Fighter.

The AI is no pushover, even at normal difficulty settings and is capable of springing suprises (as in dishing out punishment). I notice that if I fail to beat an AI opponent, the game will dumbdown quite a bit, just to give me a chance at winning. A feature any new player would appreciate.

aving watched a French Open tennis match live on TV, courtesy of Astro, I take back whatever I've said about Virtua Tennis 3 (also for the PSP) and I hereby bestow the title of "Overglorified Game of Pong" to that game.