Saturday, June 23, 2007

PC Gaming in Malaysia

I can safely say that original PC games are readily accessible and have become much more affordable in Malaysia, compared to that of console games. With official distributors bringing in and sometimes localizing games, PC gamers in Malaysia would be hard-pressed not to take advantage of these new advancements.

However, it would be in the best interest for everyone to see more localization efforts, and I believe the price can go down a little bit more. For proof, one just needs to look at our neighbour up north, Thailand. Localization efforts are really good up there and games can retail for 500 Baht, that's around RM 50.

Here are some useful links if you are shopping for PC games in Malaysia:
1. The Software Boutique:
2. New Era Games:
3. Sendi Mutiara:
4. PC

Some of these sites have bargain bins, so do take advantage of them.