Sunday, June 17, 2007

An Idiot's Guide To R4, or R4DS, or "I'm n00b, how j00 play ROM on NDS?"

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Now, I'm pretty sure that everyone and their grandmother, or grandfather, or any distant relation would be sick and tired of people going about asking: "What is R4?", especially in a hush-hush environment such as the Lowyat.Net Forums.

Don't get me wrong, I like the hush-hush environment, it's kind of like the US Military's "policy" on gays: "Don't ask, don't tell". Simple. It's only when people don't get the idea and start talking... that's where all the problems start.

So taking the bull by the horns, here's a dumb ass' guide to the R4:
  • It's a Slot-1 solution for playing NDS ROMs, NDS homebrew and media files on the Nintendo DS. Since it's a Slot-1 solution, you stick it into the slot where you usually put in a NDS cartridge.
  • No, it does not run GBA ROMS, neither do other Slot-1 solutions
  • It works in conjuction with a MicroSD card, which slots into the R4 cartridge. The R4 package should come with a MicroSD card reader, which connects to the USB port of your PC/Laptop. Using the reader, you can drag and drop files into the MicroSD card.
  • Please note that the MicroSD card is sold separately (not included in the original R4 package), unless bundled by the R4DS seller.
Now, for pwetty pictures, just in case you don't understand what the heck I'm talking about:

Clockwise from top, the contents of a R4 package: lanyard, MicroSD Card Reader, the R4 cartridge and CD.

Note: Do not ask me for ROMs, or sites to download ROMs as you are asking a fella who bought a R4 for fun, and for no particular reason... well... it used to be for homebrew, but come to think of it, it's like a white elephant now. So.. don't... ask

This post was brought to you by copious amounts of wine. Red wine.