Saturday, June 23, 2007

Homer: Mmm...A Statue of Me! Found!

D'oh! Homer Simpson is no longer MIA (refer to my post here). Funny though, that I didn't see any notice of his recovery in any of the local English dailies that I read, but Google is there for a reason, no? In any case, I like how some of the articles mention that the theft was done by two college students who are "over-exuberant" fans of the series.

Well, over-exuberance is no excuse for innate stupidity, which probably is why they chose Homer in the first place (sorry bout that Homey, I'm a fan too :P). So D'oh! to the two of you.

Anyways, wonder what Homer usually says following the phrase Mmm...? Check out this fan-site (click here)! Mmm....Fan Siteeeeee...