Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Father's Day Message

He's probably one of the first people you called out to, or maybe cried at.

He probably taught you how to tie shoe-laces and bought you stuff that you vehemtly wanted, less you unleash a tantrum.

He probably talked alot about the hardships of (his) life, but that's so you can appreciate the one you are having now and not end up like a cretin.

He probably was stern, but set you straight whenever you gotten into trouble.

He probably never threw you in the deep end, but taught you how to swim instead.

He probably gave you your first handphone and paid the bills, not to monitor where you are and who you talk to, but with the hope you would keep in touch with him.

He probably told you about the birds and the bees, maybe not, but gave you pocket money, part of which you spent on woo-ing your other half and on "protection".

He probably paid the entire fee for your 2+1 degree course, even if it meant digging up the retirement fund and working 2 jobs, not so you can go for a free holiday in Australia or the U.K, but as a stepping stone for a better life on your part.

Due to your transgressions, he probably yelled at you to get out of the house (or to a lesser extent to go to your room), but do forgive him, he is human too.

He probably was at your graduation, applauding your achievements regardless whether your's is a first class or a pass degree.

He probably gave you your first car, which you promptly wrecked, but his chief concern has always been you, and not the NCB (no-claim-bonus), otherwise he wouldn't let you drive in the first place.

He probably doesn't call, now that you are probably living away from him, that's because he's patiently waiting for you to call and doesn't want to pass off as a nag.

This list can go on and on. The term "probably" is used, knowing that each of them is different, some have passed on or just weren't there, but to the people whose fathers are still around: What are you doing this Father's Day?

As for me, instead of the normal lunch or dinner routine, I'm doing something different this year.... a present. It's a Tissot timepiece.