Thursday, June 07, 2007

EDGE Presents The Art of Videogames

The closest thing you can get to the I AM 8-BIT exhibition, having missed it, or being stuck where you are, would be to buy the book which costs a pretty penny at USD 44.40. This is of course inclusive of shipping and it does come signed by the author.

I didn't go that way and instead went and purchased EDGE's EDGE Presents The Art of Videogames from a local magazine stand. Although cheaper than the I AM 8-BIT book, this special edition of EDGE magazine is certainly expensive, at RM 57.90.

Featuring art (screenshots, sketches, pre-renders, concepts, etc) from a variety of games along with nifty elaborations from game developers on the ideas behind the works, this special edition also features 15 artworks from the I AM 8-BIT exhibition. I particularly like the one featuring Blanka (Street Fighter II).

More about the games featured in The Art of Videogames. Some worthy mentions that come with really nice art include Devil May Cry, Halo, Virtua On (Temjin) and God of War II. Freak yourself out with the art from Silent Hill and Stalker, I know I did when I first flipped through those pages.

My colleague commented that some of the pictures in the magazine look really real and while the Dead Rising art was nice, the blood splatter did looked a bit like Ribena.

Was it worth the money? Yes. And it's certainly recommended for those who appreciate video game art and design. Give it a few months and you might be able to find this issue with a nice discount to the price tag, usually at book stands with that specialize in back issues.