Wednesday, April 18, 2007


My heart goes out to the love ones and friends of those killed in the Virginia Tech tragedy. School shootings are incomprehensible and for it to happen with such heinous brutality, simply makes you wonder how is it possible for one human being to do this to another (with the exception of war).

Another incomprehensible thing is the crass remarks from certain parties (here's looking at you Mr. Thompson) who make it their job for blaming video games at the aftermath of every single school shooting. I used to play Quake III and Unreal Tournament diligently during my college days but I've never even once made a threat to shoot/blow-up anyone nor was I tempted to bring a weapon to school.

Effort should be spent on identifying areas of failure; like how does the nation's medical system deal with people with these kind of mental issues, and how the education system could have done more for them. Do you just give them Prozac and let them be on their way?