Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Playing to the Crowd

I've added a new section on Homebrew stuff on my blog's navigation pane (just below the collectibles section), so it wouldn't be a pain (pun not intended) to look for homebrew articles on this blog. At the moment, this humble section contains only 3 articles:

On to other things; Play-Asia's Crazy Week ends this Thursday. Since one of the more exasperating questions that I have encountered from other Nintendo DS users is "How do I get connected to Nintendo
's WFC without a WiFi router/Access Point?", my suggestion would be to get any of the USB WiFi Adaptors on sale (20% off the normal price) at Play-Asia now!

The list includes a bunch of products from Datel, but all of them should work with a Nintendo DS; anything else would probably be a reason for raising the price. Personally, I'm using a Mayflash WiFi Link, and there are no problems so far.
  • Datel Wifi Max (Nintendo DS, DSL, Wii) (here)
  • Datel Wifi Max (Nintendo DS) (here)
  • Datel Wifi Max (Nintendo DS, DSL, Wii, PS3, PSP) (here)
  • Mayflash Wifi Link (Nintendo DS, DSL, PSP) (here)
  • Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector (here)