Monday, April 23, 2007


Two things went through my mind when I landed akwardly and somehow twisted my ankle while playing badminton earlier this evening. The first being will I be able participate in the Malay Mail Big Walk this weekend, and the second being whether this will be a recurring problem during the Penang Bridge Marathon in June. I got up, bent over for half a minute until the pain subside, and then continued playing. It wasn't that bad after all.

Condolences to the family and friends of the guy who passed away after completing the London Marathon. I understand it was rather warm for the participants at 21 degrees Celsius and hopefully everyone else turned out just fine.

Aside from the tragedy and the fact that one more person is hospitalised under critical condition, you really have to hand it to the participants, especially those who made an effort to dress up and run the course of the race. The following pictures were obtained from the BBC website.

Rather tarty for anybody's taste.

These guys were just convicted to run the race

Passion Week may be over, but it ain't over for this guy.

I wonder if anyone dressed up as Mario, or Sonic or any other videogame character. You know what will be cool? A muscle-bound dude dressed up as Duke Nukem running the marathon.