Friday, April 13, 2007

Hunt for the Coupon!

Want to get a discount coupon on I've got three of them, all of which expire in May. Now, Jon suggested something interesting so I'm offering you, dear reader, a chance to hunt for the coupon codes throughout this blog of mine.

Basically, I'll give out clues on where to look for parts of a particular coupon code but in the appropriate order so you won't give yourself an aneurysm putting them together. The coupon code is divided into three parts (see below) and you are supposed to hunt all three parts down. First one to get all three parts right better use it quick, as these are one-time-use coupons.


First up is a USD 5 discount coupon for purchases worth USD 50 or more. The clues for the first part of the coupon are:
  • Colour
  • Most Popular Post
Easy enough? No registration, no contest forms necessary, although a nice shoutout on the chatterbox on the left, or comments over on this post or link exchanges would be nice :P.

Clues for part 2 of the coupon can be found here.