Friday, April 20, 2007

Dot-S Puzzle Review: Bomberman

For those who have been living under a shell for the past 20 years or so, Bomberman is a puzzle game where your in-game character goes about a maze-like levels placing (and detonating) bombs to blow up obstacles (such as walls) and enemies.

I remember playing the game alot on the Micro Genius (a Famicom clone) and it really was addictive and fun. I suppose many of you retro gamers share the same sentiment as well. The simple but venerable game design was recently included with Bomberman Land Touch!, and you can find the classic mode under the Bomberman Battle Pack option of the game.

The Dot-S (a.k.a DotS) Puzzle series brings back memories of old-school video game graphics and some pretty memorable characters, typically that of the NES era. Some of you might remember that I bought a Dot-S Puzzle from the Nintendo Version Collection featuring the character Link from the Legend of Zelda series.

Having been impressed by the quality of the Link Dot-S Puzzle and driven by nostalgia over the game Bomberman, I decided to order another Dot-S Puzzle from Play-Asia. The package arrived today containing the Dot-S Puzzle: Bomberman. When compared to the box that contained Link, the Bomberman box is considerably larger.

And what was inside the box? A large compliment of pegs, a peg board and a nice colour instruction booklet.

It takes sometime to complete a "push-peg" puzzle. It took me around 15 minutes to finish this particular puzzle with the help of the guide.

And now onto the finished item:

When Bomberman met Link:

As like the other Dot-S sets, there are always other modes (a.k.a "recipes") to explore with the large assortment of pegs. Some recipes can be found on the Dot-S website. For my original review of the Link Dot-S set, click here.

Interested in getting one for yourself? You can get find them at