Sunday, April 15, 2007

Currently Playing

These are the games that I'm currently playing, what about you?

  • Animal Crossing: Wild World (NDS)
  • New Super Mario Bros. (NDS)
  • God of War II (PS2)
Have you ever had a sense of deja vu, like you have seen/played this game somewhere, sometime else but the game was presented under a different guise? Fear not as that gut feeling of yours might ring true, as 1Up has a featured article about games that have had a total makeover (click here).

Speaking of which, aren't most homebrew games ports of particular games that have not been introduced on the DS? There are some original IPs, but most of the time, homebrew programmers dedicate their time in porting over stuff that they would love to see on the DS, stuff that they have played before. I've got no problem with this, as I'm a nostalgia-inflicted gamer myself.

My wishlist?
  • Battlechess
  • The entire Space Quest series
I bet you got some as well :)

On a side note, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice For All is going at a bargain price of USD 24.90 over at Play-Asia. And here's a little trivia, did you know that the Japanese title for the Phoenix Wright games, Gyakuten Saiban, means "Courtroom Turnabout"?

If you are looking for Play-Asia coupons, get them at my blog but first you'll have to hunt for them!