Monday, April 02, 2007

April Fool All Around The Net

April Fool's Day came and went and Google did a rather good (and disgusting) prank with Google TiSP. Free Internet, via the sewer makes for a no brainer but suprisingly quite a number of my friends (lets just call them gullible persons) fell for it.

One of the conversations that I had with one of the gullible persons who I forwarded the link to, went like this:

Gullible Person (GP): It's disgusting, how am I gonna use my toilet.
Me (M): Do you actually believe this?
GP:'s Google! It's new technology from Google! (She must be drinking from the Google Kool-Aid: Do no evil)
Me: ... (Yup...just flush it down baby)

So what other sites indulged in some April tom-foolery? For starters GoNintendo went over to the M side of things and became GoMicrosoft instead. That's actually a pretty nice header featuring Master Chief and note the Windows and Xbox logos. fooled visitors with a front page fool (sorry, full) of fake news. Some of the articles had titles such as "Dalai Lama exiled to Second Life" and "Cool off your PC with a bath (it's safe)",

Visitors clicking on the links on the front page will be greeted with a Gotcha! page.

So did any of your favourite websites indulge in some April Fool's Day festivities?