Thursday, April 26, 2007

Animal Crossing and How to Market Stuff.

Toy/collectible retailers anywhere can do themselves a favour by being a little bit more descriptive with their items and post up more pictures. Otherwise it's easy for potential customers to overlook it, and please, don't give the product a generic name.

Case in point, Play-Asia's Animal Crossing Figure Collection (Theather Version) (on the left) and XL-Shop's Animal Crossing Planet Trading Figure (bottom picture). Both are actually the same thing, but judging from the description, pictures and even the title on both sites, you probably wouldn't realise it as well. I would have bought it earlier had I known it was already on Play-Asia but I only came to know about this globe collectible from XL-Shop's website last month.

In this case however, not buying from Play-Asia turned out to be a blessing in disguise and the reason boils down to simple math. The entire collection if purchased from PA costs around USD 44 while buying it from XL-Shop's brick and mortar store will only set me back at USD 40. Nice!

On to other stuff, a friend of mine called my attention to some really cool looking metal touch pens for the Nintendo DS and DS Lite. Produced by TakaraTomy, these "Touch Metal Knock Pen" are available in silver and black for USD 4.99 each. Do take note of the Nintendo logo on the packaging, that is so old-school! I like...

Purchase details are available on the links provided in this blog entry.