Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Window Shopping

Nothing interests me more than going into a video game store and checking out what they have to offer. So far, the two best stores I've been to are not even located in Malaysia, they are located in Dubai.

The first one isn't really a store, but more of a very big electronics store with a big video games section in the Ibn Battuta Mall ( There were aisles of games for various consoles ranging from the NDS to the Xbox along stacks of hardware and accessories and even bargain bin offers! In addition to that, there was an area in the front display of the shop where customers can play Playstation 2 and Xbox games.

The second store is Geekay Games ( located in the Mall of the Emirates, right in front of the Carrefour check-out counters. I'll always remember this store because this is where I bought my Nintendo DS. The store was full of games and hardware and along with the interior decoration, anything in Malaysia pales in comparison to it. The coolest part was that they had Xbox 360 units for customers to play with and the service was pretty good too.

Over here in Malaysia, I have not been to the game shops in Imbi nor have I frequented the shops in Sungai Wang. The best so far I've been to is Gamers Hideout at Cineleisure. The place comes with a good reputation and I've seen it featured in the newspaper. I like the logo and with Xbox 360 units to try out, I'll probably visit more often.

The Nintendo counter located in Jucso, anchor tenant of Midvalley Megamall carries a sizeable amount of NDS and GBA titles but the prices are quite high. If you are a Jusco card member, you'd probably earn alot of points (and rebate percentages) shopping at the counter which you'll later receive in the form of rebate vouchers

Besides the Nintendo counter, the other stores in Midvalley Mega Mall belong to the same template by which most video games stores in Malaysia subscribe to. You would find the glass display, a TV with some console hooked up to it and poor customer service.

Price wise, there is one particular stall located in the mall's IT centre that holds an edge over the Nintendo counter and one of the staff tends to remember if you have bought anything from them (which is good to ask for a better price).

I'll post more places to shop once I encounter them.