Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Electrifying Plankton

Most reviewers of Electroplankton would stop short of calling it a game due to the strange nature of its design and gameplay. Basically, the game, for the lack of a better word, features various kinds of colourful plankton which you can manipulate via the touch screen of the Nintendo DS using a stylus to produce music!

As for me, the chance of becoming a conductor for a bunch of plankton, and not an orchestra no less, is pretty hard to pass. A recommended way to play Electroplankton is to hook up the Nintendo DS with a speaker system so that you can listen to your musical creations. If you want to replay your creations, it would be best if you have a sound system with recording facilities as one thing this game lacks is a save option.

The package containing the Japanese version of Electroplankton and an Animal Crossing gashapon arrived today intact from Play Asia. The packaging for the game is certainly beautiful and the larger than normal box contains a pair of headphones along with the typical plastic case that accompanies every Nintendo DS game.

This is the larger than average box:

This is the back of the larger than average box:

Among the contents of the box is the typical Nintedo DS cartridge box:

The contents in the Cartridge Box include a rather thick manual and the game itself:

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