Sunday, May 18, 2008

Super Mario Stink Bombs - Yuck

If you are a gashapon collector, and a Mario fan at that, there's one thing that you shouldn't buy and that's one of those Super Mario Galaxy W Mascot Super Balls. A pair of these came in the mail earlier this week, having ordered them the previous week.

The same material that makes them bounce gives off a horrible stench, one that is rubbery + plastic-ky at the same time. It's so horrible that even if one of those balls were removed from the plastic packaging they come in, the nausea/migraine inducing stench will engulf the entire room.

I've placed the two balls in a sealed container and will get rid of them on Monday when the garbage man arrives. What a waste of 5 dollars and 40 cents.

But if you want to get them as stink bombs, be my guest. They are available at USD 2.90 each at Click here for purchase details.