Saturday, May 17, 2008

On My Nintendo DS: Super Airwolf for the Sega Genesis

Did you know that there's a replica of the helicopter from AIRWOLF on sale at eBay? Anyways, there was also an Airwolf game released on the Sega Genesis. Interestingly, it was released as Crossfire in the United States, while elsewhere it was known as Super Airwolf.

Also interesting was the gameplay. At first I thought the game was a straight-forward shmup ala 1942, where you shoot down planes, tanks and enemy emplacements with your souped-up helicopter. The subsequent land-based commando mission took me by surprise. It was a break from the norm but at the same time, devilishly hard to play.

I took a video of that sequence:

So what are the differences between Crossfire and Super Airwolf? Both are similar gameplay wise but try to spot the differences between the games with the videos I've taken below:

This write-up wouldn't have been possible without jEnesisDS, a Sega Genesis emulator for the Nintendo DS, and the R4DS, a flashcart used to run homebrew applications on the Nintendo DS.