Saturday, April 19, 2008

Star Wars Lightsaber 3 Keyring Gashapon with Pics and Video!

A package arrived today from Play-Asia, and after opening and assembling the contents, all I can say is that the Force is strong in the Star Wars Lightsaber 3 Keyring Gashapon collection from Yujin.

If only reviews are so simple. Feast your eyes on the following pictures of my collection of Star Wars Lightsaber 3 Keyring Gashapon, and look out for the video at the end of this post showing how to assemble these lightsabers. Luke Skywalker would be proud indeed.

These things come with batteries included, so once you remove the safety peg on each lightsaber's on/off switch, you are ready to light it up. Here's the video as promised (I've got trouble uploading it to Youtube, so switching to Blogger instead):

Interested in purchasing one or more lightsaber keyrings? Head over to Play-Asia (click here) for purchase details.