Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mario Kart DS Merchandize: Mario Kart Race Sets

Still moaning/crying/weeping over the fact that "snaking" is not available in Mario Kart Wii (click here for details)? Well don't, because here's a piece of Mario Kart merchandize that probably wouldn't snake but promises to be quite fun.

It's an officially Nintendo licensed Mario Kart DS Mario vs Yoshi Race Set, complete with scenery. I guess you can control the speed of the karts with the supplied controller and this thing would probably need a power socket to work.

Anyways, if you don't like that green dinosaur (I'm one of those who don't), there's a Mario vs. Donkey Kong race set too.

Just don't expect blue shells to come with these things. Banana peels are entirely optional on your part :).

Really nice stuff, click here to preorder the Mario vs. Yoshi race set or here to preorder the Mario vs. Donkey Kong race set.