Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Iwaver FM 1/28 Digital Propotional RC Cars with ABS Brakes

Play-Asia has been serving up some rather interesting toys lately, namely the Iwaver FM 1/28 Digital Propotional range of remote-controlled (RC) cars.

Like the Bumblebee car that I saw in a Radio Shack in Dubai, these RC cars can be upgraded with various parts. The backlitted FM digital transmitter is a sight to behold in itself and this device is also upgradeable.

A little bit of technical specs for those who are RC-inclined...and wau...ABS brakes!
  • Ready To Run
  • FM Transmission
  • LCD Display
  • Proportional Throttle
  • Proportional Steering
  • ABS Brake
  • Available Optional Parts
  • Full Function
  • Adjustable Steering Trim
  • Adjustable Throttle Trim
  • 130 Motor
  • 4 Different Pinion Gears
  • Exchangeable Tires
  • Adjustable F / R Suspension

A variety of car models is featured, including the Ford GT, Ford Mustang, the Saleen S7 and various Mini Cooper variations. Click on the links for purchase details, or click here for the entire list.