Saturday, March 29, 2008

Imported Japanese Video Games Shopping Spree

For the latest highlights on bargains and discounts for the Nintendo DS, head over to the brand new

Most readers of Nine Over Ten 9/10 would know that I'm import-friendly. That would mean I'm not adversed to buying and playing Japanese games, especially for my Nintendo DS and GBM. And I just bought 2 Japanese games, Arkanoid DS (with Paddle Controller) and Love and Berry (with card reader) for just USD 55!

Since Play-Asia is having it's Easter Egg sale (20% off all in-stock items), here's a list of imported Japanese Nintendo DS games that you might want to check out, given the cheap prices:
As mentioned in my earlier post, the sales period ends on the 31st of March. So better hurry! Click here to read about GBA games that you should buy during Play-Asia's Easter Egg sale.