Thursday, March 20, 2008

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Thank You Problem Fixed!

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Okie dokie. Looks like some people are listening to the cries of despair of folks who are trying to run Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles on their Nintendo DS/R4DS combination. The new R4 v.1.17 kernel fixes among other things, the "Thank You for Playing" screen appearing when playing FFCC.

Looks like the problem has been resolved, all equilibrium restored to the universe, so please continue being cheap because you don't want to dish out money for a 128MB game.

Those looking to try out Powerplay Tennis on the older firmware might find themselves disappointed but don't fret since the latest firmware fixes the problem as well.

I bet you can't wait anymore so here's the download link for the new v.1.17 kernel for the R4DS, or visit the R4DS kernel page for more details. Now be grateful, thankful even, and no nasty comments. Go play your game.