Thursday, March 13, 2008

Electronic Art's EA Play: 15th to 16th March, Marina Square, Singapore.

I got an invitation earlier today to cover Electronic Art's EA Play event which is going to be held this weekend (15th to 16th March) at the Marina Square in Singapore. I would love to go, but since it such short notice, I couldn't make it. However, I would make an exception for return flight tickets and paid-for accommodation. Just kidding (no, seriously...drop me a line).

Anyways, more about the event. EA Play promises to be big, and probably is the biggest "consumer gaming event" in this part of the world. Primarily the showcase of the latest and highly anticipated titles of EA's stable of multi-platform video games, gamers and the public will also get to experience hands-on demo sessions of Command and Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath as well as witness to a working demo of Will Wright's opus, Spore.

For those who are less interested in previews but are more in the business of kicking virtual rivals in the head (or shooting them for a matter a fact, or driving them off a virtual race get the idea), EA Play 08 plays host (pun intended) a variety of tournaments featuring Crysis and Command and Conquer 3 for the PC, FIFA 08 and NBA Street Homecourt for the PS3, and not forgetting Skate and NFS: Prostreet for the Xbox 360.

Yup, EA Play 08 is the a perfect convergence between the general public, casual and hardcore gamers. Now, I wish someone would get me flight tickets and accomodation to Singapore this weekend. Failing which, bring EA Play to Malaysia!