Thursday, March 06, 2008

9/10 will be voting! What about you?

I'm waiting for the Java Runtime Environment installation to complete, so that I can get some Literati action on Yahoo! Games. There's nothing really casual about the game, I actually feel quite stressed, especially against tough opponents. However, I only lost 1 out of 5 games this past couple of days (sneaking in games during lunch time).

I was asked by a friend of mine on who would I vote for, come polling day this Saturday. In my locality, it's PKR vs. MIC, which naturally translates to a choice between the Devil and the deep blue sea. The BN government has been slow, one such example is the recent election addition of street lights on a stretch of road that was completed for some time now.

They really do not know how to take care of their own. The incumbent in this area is MIC, but I don't see them addressing the issue of Indian youths making a nuisance of themselves, hanging about in front of HOUSES, on their motorbikes late at night. There's alcohol, gambling, fighting and according to my neighbours, drug running.

Here's my take on the political parties, which had my friend laughing, but I believe some people would share the same idea too:

  • UMNO - Malay Chauvinists
  • MCA - Weak (Lembik)
  • MIC - Thugs (Samseng)
  • Gerakan - Tak Gerak (Not Moving)
  • Prime Minister - NATO
And here's somemore for the Opposition parties:
  • PKR - Liars, or so their leader is made out to be, by the Government of course!
  • DAP - Jumpers
  • PAS - Malay Chauvinists, but less of Religion Fanatics these days (they make a good foil for UMNO)
Come election day, many of my friends will put in a vote for the opposition, simply because giving too much power to Barisan National (the ruling party), has made them bigots, pushing their weight around. Don't vote with emotion? Bullshit. BN should be thankful for the lesson that the people of Malaysia would be giving them this Saturday. Malaysians will school you in the fact that power lies in the people.

I would probably have my Gameboy Micro in hand while waiting inline this Saturday. What about you guys?