Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ultimate Paradox: Pirate Piggy Banks From One Piece

I was walking the dog this morning when I was passed by several buses and vans performing the important task of ferrying children from their homes to their respective schools. As a kid, I couldn't ask for a better wake up call than the school bus.

Enter a sleepy head, exit a fully awake/aware/and probably asthmatic kid due to the carbon monoxide smoke in the cabin, the bumps encountered along the way and the fact that you have to stand like sardines in a can.

Now, what do kids nowadays and kids of yesteryear love? In a word, manga. More often than not, I would find myself sharing reading space at the comics/manga section of Borders with both adults and younger readers as well. And I bet they like One Piece.

It's been awhile since I blogged about figurines, simply because I no longer buy them. They are a hassle to clean once they are out of the box, and some, particularly gashapon, can have saggy bits over time. But since the following are piggy banks, I figure it wouldn't do much harm (except to your wallets) to feature them, and yes, I want one:

Yup, it's the One Piece Pirate Piggy Bank Figure collection from Banpresto featuring Luffy and Chopper (two versions, i and ii). Click on the pictures or the links above for purchase details.