Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Real Collectible Card Games on the Nintendo DS, Card Readers Required

When I first read about The Eye of Judgment for the Playstation 3, I thought how nice would it be if WotC would release a Magic: The Gathering game for consoles, featuring the same concept.

The Eye of Judgment features a playing mat, cards with barcodes and the Playstation Eye camera. The camera works to capture card details and gestures from players. Players get to boost their collection of cards with what else, booster packs and like other collectible card games, each booster pack contains a certain number of rare, uncommon and common cards.

Recently Konami released something similar, a collectible-card based game for the Nintendo DS, complete with booster packs and in place of the Playstation Eye, a card reader. Sad to say, it's not Magic: The Gathering.

Titled Juushinden: Ultimate Beast Battlers, you basically get to battle against the AI, or another player with a deck of 40 REAL, not virtual cards (that's why there's a card reader). Think of it as a Yu-Gi-Oh DS game, with real cards. Such an interesting concept.

Now, if only it were in English. Or maybe I should just import it anyways. Juushinden is available at Play-Asia at a discounted price of USD 39.90, booster packs come in 3 volumes, and are priced at USD 1.99 each.

There are actually more collectible card based games on the Nintendo DS. More often than not, they are conversions from their arcade counterparts and thus arcade players can make use of their existing cards.

Oshare Majo Love and Berry (Fashionable Witches: Love and Berry)'s target audience is young girls and has the same mechanics as the arcade game. The supplied card reader reads cards produced from the arcade version of the game and these cards are used to dress up the players' avatars. This game is available also at a discounted price of USD 19.90 at Play-Asia.

On the other hand, Mushiking: Super Collection is an Nintendo DS conversion of an arcade based collectible card game that allows players to battle with beetles. These beetles are obtained from scanning the arcade version's cards.

The game itself comes with 7 cards and is played on a rock-paper-scissors format. The best thing about this game is that it is WFC enabled, allowing players to battle over the Internet. If you are interested, Mushiking is available at Play-Asia at USD 58.90.