Friday, February 29, 2008

Play-Asia's Sale: Last Day!!

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Play-Asia's Year of The Rat Lucky Sale is approaching its last day (today: 29th February 2008) and if there are any items that you need to purchase (be it video games, consoles, accessories, movies, toys, collectibles), it would be wise to do so now, by 11.59 p.m. (+8 GMT)

Anyways, I had a pretty hard time choosing what to buy due to budget constraints. After deliberating for 30 minutes, I bought Slide Adventure: Mag Kid and Space Invaders Extreme. Part of the budget was allocated to the delivery method in which I chose Fedex.

I wouldn't say I got a good bargain, since Space Invaders Extreme is brand new and not a bargain bin item, but that one is strictly a "collectors-only" purchase.

Happy last minute shopping, and do drop a note on what you have purchased. Hehe.