Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Nintendo DS Games and Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning

I broke the 2000 metre barrier yesterday in Digidrive. The game is rather unforgiving as you progress, and like Tetris, you'd need a certain amount of luck. I wasn't playing Digidrive the whole time, I was actually taking a breather from spring cleaning (I'm doing it alone that's why it's been going on for days) and I got it in my first attempt!

Anyways, the postman dropped off my Play-Asia package, and yes, Gunpey DS (Japanese version) is here, and so is number five in the Famicom Mini series for the GBA, The Legend of Zelda (Jap version as well). I'll be writting about these games once I go on vacation, since I'll have a a little more time to play.

I was reading an article hyperlinked from Kotaku regarding how time spend infront of televisions and computers, dubbed as videophilia, results in not only less time spent on exercising but also, less contact with nature. And video games are to to blame too!

Perhaps one plausible scenario in the near future would be children learning about nature and their surrounding environment via National Geographic, instead of taking a walk outside. OR:

Son: "Daddy, what's snow?"
Dad: "That's the white stuff you were skiing on your PSxxx game last night!"

OR an alternative reply:

Dad: Why don't you google it, son?

A comment/statement/scenario like the one above tends to bring derision, as what happened to my Wii Fit article. I still stand by that article, and in fact challenge any of the detractors on Digg to stick to an exercise regiment on the Wii Fit and actually lose weight. I wonder how many would actually take that up.

Anyways, back to the great outdoors and what you, practitioner of "sedentary, indoor videophilia" have missed out For starters, there's hiking, which would lead to stuff like camping, trail running and even mountaineering. For the love of water, there's always canoe-ing, white water rafting, scuba diving, etc. Watching underwater wild life on TV is nothing compared to snorkeling or scuba diving in real life.

Now, some of you might be living in parts of the world not blessed with sunshine all year round, and in fact, you guys have snow! Skiing, ice skating, ice hockey and even building a snow man/igloo (maybe not) would be in my itinerary if I were you.

So, stop reading, or playing for that matter, put on a pair of shoes (and a shirt, if you are in a state of undress), step out and enjoy nature!