Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Juice From Dell

This morning was rather surreal. I was driving back from buying today's newspaper when a monkey crossed the road in front of me. Looks like someone's kera went on the loose because the nearest monkey colony I can think of is about two kilometers away in a palm oil plantation. I might be wrong but don't think they forage that far.

Anyways, back to the surreal morning. I was cooking scrambled eggs for breakfast, as I found not a single nasi lemak seller while buying the newspaper, when a DHL van pulled up at the front of the house with its horn blaring. I didn't other anything from Play-Asia with DHL; my courier of choice would be Fedex. In fact I didn't order anything AT ALL from Play-Asia these past few days.

The package that the DHL man passed to me turned out to be the laptop battery that I ordered from Dell a couple of days ago (Thursday). I was surprised because the lady on the other end of the phone (when I made the order) said that I would be getting the battery next week.

She must have heard the dismay in my voice (it was very audible and perhaps my colleagues heard as well), since I'll be off to Kota Kinabalu to climb Mt. Kinabalu next week. But I didn't expect the battery to arrive today! These Dell folks have game! Props! Salutes! Pimps! Hoo-ray! That's why I buy Dell.

Do you know that if you were to order a battery from Dell, their invoice comes an unexpected amount of legalese and a very funny Product Safety Data Sheet?

From the Product Safety Data Sheet:
3. Hazards Identification:
Symptoms of exposure: Skin contact, No effect under routine handling and use.

4. First Aid Measures:
Ingestion: If swallowed, Obtain medical attention immediately.
Ingestion: Drink milk/water and induce vormiting; seek medical attention.

8. Exposure Controls/Personal Protection
Gloves: Not required for handling of battery.

9. Physical and Chemical Properties:
Ordor - N/A

10. Stability and Reactivity:
Reactivity: None
All these (and many more point) and the lawyer/anti-terrorist-agency-friendly Invoice to prove that I didn't purchase a spent uranium rod.

Thanks to DELL, my laptop is now a mobile powerhouse! With its upgraded RAM, HDD and a new battery, it not longer needs to be tethered to a power supply brick. Yay!

Now to look for a chocolate chip cookie and to check on the dog. Hope she doesn't pick a fight with any unexpected stray monkey coming into our house compound.