Friday, February 08, 2008

A Fistful of ROMS

Since I'm going on vacation, I've loaded up my R4DS (yes, that notorious flashcart for the Nintendo DS) with a bunch of ROMs. The reason is two fold, I don't want to bring my original Nintendo DS games with me, as they are too cumbersome, and, I want to try out some of the games that I've not purchased yet.

There are some games in my library that I've not played yet and they are just sitting pretty on the shelf. I'm bringing these games in ROM form in order to review them and to say bye bye to cartridge switching. These games are:
What about the other games? I'm looking forward to purchase any of the following titles, but I intend to check them out first in ROM form:
Stay tuned for my write up for the games, on what to buy and what NOT to buy. If you need to purchase the originals straight up, click on the links above.

There are actually more games in my library of 38 games that I've not played yet, namely the newly arrived Gunpey DS, but there's just so much space on my MicroSD card. When you have that many games in your own libary, then you'll know how difficult it is to bring them along on a holiday.

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