Tuesday, February 05, 2008

CNY Is Around The Corner, and More Games!

With Chinese New Year coming up, I'm officially on leave till next Monday! There are several things to catch up on, especially on this blog. Updates have been coming in slower than I would like, and after the 57 post record last month, this month started off with a disappointment. Anyways, more posts are on the way.

Secondly, games. In several words, Digidrive and Warhammer 40K Dawn of War: Dark Crusade. Yup, I'm slowly getting the hang of Digidrive, with a new top score of 1679 metres! I still think this is one of the best under USD 10 GBA games you can find in the market today.

The new upgrades to my laptop caused a renewed interest in PC games, and I'm currently running Dark Crusade in my laptop's native resolution. Beautiful!

I'm waiting for several games to arrive at the moment, having ordered them from Play-Asia last week, namely the Japanese version of Gunpey DS and one of the Famicom Mini Series for the GBA, The Legend of Zelda.

I can't wait for the new Civilization game for the Nintendo DS coming out this year. It should be a blast. The latest Civ for the PC is a laptop killer, I don't know why but it is the only game that makes my machine overheat and crash, and reboot.. Strange but true. Speaking of strange stuff, did you know that PSPs don't like being connected to Dell machines, especially laptops, via USB cable?

Apparently there's a lack of juice (voltage) in them USB ports, so much so that connecting the PSP to an XPS laptop or my own Inspiron will cause it to be detected for several seconds before disappearing like nothing happened. Hairan bin ajaib (Malay for "strange but true").

One other strange thing is for those regular readers, why have you not subscribed to my feed yet? Just kidding, for those interested in getting Nine Over Ten 9/10 in their favourite RSS readers, you can subscribe to the feed, here!