Thursday, January 10, 2008

Your Nintendo DS Lite Designer Bag ala Louis Vuitton

Take your Nintendo DS Lite out in style, with Pebble Entertainment's Bag of Elegance line. This line of fashionable bags are designed to protect your Nintendo DS Lite and come in a variety of fashions to choose from.

Each bag comes with a belt loop, a magnetic closure flap and an additional golden stylus. There is also space for two cartridges.

Taking a look at the designs the Bag of Elegance is avaible in, this collection is probably the next best thing to having Louis Vuitton release a line of bags for the Nintendo DS Lite.

Pebble Entertainment has also recently released the "Army Bag", which has a main pocket that can be used to store either Nintendo DS, PSP, Nintendo DS Lite or the new PSP Slim & Lite. Read more about it here.