Saturday, January 05, 2008

Street Fighter 1/4 Scale Akuma Limited Edition Statue

I made two orders at Play-Asia today. One as a gift to a friend, and another for more Star Wars Titanium Series Die Cast figurines, Firespray Interceptor and Darth Maul's Sith Speeder (what can I say, they're cheap!!). The item that caught my eye, however, was found at the checkout page, you know, the page where they get you to add more items to your shopping cart as you are about to pay.

It was the Street Fighter 1/4 Scale Polystone Mixed Media Statue of Akuma, and it comes with an autographed poster. The fact-sheet and write-up for this thing was impressive, after all only 600 of these were made:

  • Size: Approx. 18" (45.72cm)
  • Limited Edition of 600 Units Worldwide
  • Includes: Signed Certificate of Authenticity, signed by sculptor Jerry Macaluso
  • Licenced by Capcom
  • Comes with autographed mini-poster, signed by artist Alvin Lee
  • Material: Polystone, fabric (cloth)

Jerry Macaluso is back! After selling his previous company SOTA Toys in 2006, the legendary US sculptor is back in the collectible business with an impressive 18'' masterwork:

Akuma, the fearless warrior, about 5kg heavy and 45 cm tall. This statue will definatly stand out from your collection. Take the chance to get one out of only 600 pieces world wide.

Every statue comes with a certificate of authencity, signed by Jerry Macaluso and a mini-poster, signed by artist Alvin Lee.

The character Akuma: Satsui no Hadou - The Murderous Intent

A student of the legendary Shotokan master Goutetsu, who was slain by Akuma`s own blood soaked hands, Akuma now wears his fallen master's prayer beads on his neck and the Japanese kanji for "Heaven" on his back.
Symbolizing his desire for immortality, the kanji glows after a victory.

Akuma fights only to test his and his rivals strenghts and will refuse to battle an unworthy adversary.

With past shrouded in mystery, Akuma walks the earth searching for the one fighter that will be worthy his skills.

I'm not crazy enough to buy this, but it does come with a 20-dollar discount. The following are some pictures for would-be buyers to gawk at, but if you can't take it anymore and just want to buy the damn thing, click here.