Monday, January 28, 2008

Spotlight: Mario Collectibles And Zelda Gashapon Back In Stock

Since the previous bunch of items featured on this blog were a tad too expensive, lets have a look at some cheaper, but no-less interesting, Super Mario Bros. collectibles.

First up, are the touch-pens from the Nintendo DS Character Touch Pen Super Mario Bros collection from Yugin. Consisting of 6 different touchpen featuring characters such as Boo and Goomba, these touch pens bring "full-size" control to your Nintendo DS experience, compared to the puny touch pens that the console normally ships with.

Each touch pen goes for USD 3.90. Click here for purchase details.

Fancy Super Mario Bros items and characters on your phone? Now you can have that with the Super Mario Bros. Character Bell Phone Strap from Yujin. This collection also consists of 6 different phone straps designs and characters.

Each phone strap is selling for USD 2.49. Click here for purchase details.

For the die-hard Mario fan, decorate your room with this 22 cm Mario figurine from Banpresto. Available at USD 19.90 from Play-Asia, this one is quite a steal. Click here for purchase details.

On other, non-Mario related news, the Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass Figure Collection Gashapon by Yujin is now back in stock at Play-Asia! Click here to look at pictures of the Zelda gashapon I own, and here for purchase information.