Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The ROM Report Part IX - The New Year Edition

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Welcome to the Ninth Edition of The ROM Report, and a Happy New Year! Today's post is partially inspired by, because I really like the site's articles on NES and SNES games.

Without further ado, here are the SNES games that I tested with SNEmulDS running on my R4DS/Nintendo DS:
  • Robocop 3 - Runs OK. This action game is rather difficult to play; how do you shoot those grenade tossing bots??

  • Rock 'N Roll Racing - Runs OK. Despite some graphical glitches in the menu, you'll be racing in down the isometric tracks in this rather interesting game.

  • Kirby Super Star - Not OK. Failure to launch.

  • Earthworm Jim - Runs OK. I remember playing an Earthworm Jim game on the PC. Same annoying worm, but OK gameplay.

  • Super Punch Out - Runs OK..but just barely. Graphical glitches abound, including those happening IN-game, but still good for some laughs.
And now, for some NES games that I tested as well with, of course, nesDS:
  • Kid Icarus - Runs OK. It's like Ice Climber, but with arrows.

  • Bad Dudes - Runs OK.

  • Super Dodge Ball - Runs OK. Some graphical glitches here and there.

  • Master Blaster - Runs OK. Is that a car that you drive around with a cannon attach on top, or is it a tank? It jumps pretty high too.
On a related note, yours truly intends to get a brand new PSP Slim & Lite. Wouldn't it be nice to have The ROM Report on the PSP? But that would mean getting a modded PSP. On the basis of supporting original games, that would be a bother, but in terms of unlocking the true potential of the device, a modded PSP is a must.

So, to have a modded PSP or otherwise, that is the question.