Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Practical Tips for Playing Geometry Wars: Galaxies

I've been playing quite a lot of Geometry Wars: Galaxies lately, and I found out for myself, some practical tips to a better high score. This has nothing to do with cheating, and as I said, it's more on the practical side.
  • Make sure that the touchscreen is clean and has a screen protector on. You don't want to gauge deep lines into an unprotected touchscreen so let the screen protector take the abuse. Once it gets scratched up, just replace the screen protector.

    I'm using a screen protector from Hori for my fat Nintendo DS. For current Nintendo DS (Lite), you can get the Liquid Crystal Filter DS Lite from Hori, or the Taku Professional Screenguard from Capdase, which also comes with a cleaning cloth.

    A clean touchscreen (sans fingerprints and dirts) allow for better movement with the stylus, as Geometry Wars can be rather finicky at times. Hori supplies an officially licensed Cleaning Cloth for the Nintendo DS.

  • I use a heavy stylus, one made out of copper material at that and it has a nice weight to it. Movement is translated better compared to that of using a plastic stylus while playing the game and the small size does not serve as a distraction.

    The third party Stylus Pen Set has a copper-based stylus for old fat Nintendo DS where as the Retractable Metallic Touch Pen Set features copper-based styli for the current Nintendo DS Lite.

  • Last but not least, you'll find yourself playing Geometry Wars: Galaxies for extended periods of time, and this can be quite tiring as you hold the console with one arm, and operate the stylus with the other arm.

    The solution? Either rest your arms on the table while sitting and playing the game, or get a stand. The Magnet Stand locks on to any metal surface with a firm grip, and the Play Stand DS Lite presents another excellent alternative as well.

  • And not forgetting, headphones, or earphones!