Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Game Boy Micro Famicom Version Teaser

I managed to get my new Game Boy Micro Famicom version from a dealer today, but since the camera battery died on me and the charger has gone AWOL, you guys will just have to wait for pictures of this gorgeous portable console from Nintendo.

In the mean time, I've ordered a bunch of stuff from Play-Asia to complement my newest console purchase.

My GBA games library is rather sparse, and is occupied by the excellent Made in Wario (Warioware Twisted) and Mother 3 (which is unplayable without a guide).

Digidrive (a bit Generations title) and Donkey Kong: King of Swing are on their way to remedy this situation.

I also purchased a third party Screen Protector Seal for the GBM. No point in gettting the GBM's very nice display all scratched up, therefore prevention is better than the cure.