Tuesday, January 01, 2008

How to get 10,000 Gamer Points in Two Weeks?

Ah, Gamer Points, the currency to bragging rights among Xbox 360 owners. Players can look up each other's Gamercard to find out how much is another player's accumulated amount of Gamer Points, otherwise known as his or hers Gamerscore. The more the better.

Gamers falling under the categories of hardcore, perfectionists and completists will be rewarded with more points as more often then not, they complete more "Achievements" while playing a game, which is the basis of awarding players with Gamer Points. FYI, a single retail Xbox 360 title is allowed to offer a total of 50 Achievement worth 1000 Gamer Points.

So how do you go about getting 10,000 Gamer Points in 2 weeks? Well, look no further than Brady Games' latest guidebook: Xbox 360 Achievements: Unlocked.

This 304-page pocket guide comes with complete, in-depth Achievements for 20 of the most popular games on the Xbox 360 console and this list of games consists of:
It also describes strategy on gaining 10,000 Gamer Points in 2 weeks. This book is now available at Play-Asia and Amazon.com. Click the respective links for details.