Saturday, January 05, 2008

Geometry Wars: Galaxies Review

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OMG OMG. Why are these funny shaped things chasing me? No, I'm not another
substance abuse casualty, but welcome to the world, or should I say universe, of Geometry Wars: Galaxies.

Now, the first impression that I got when I started playing the game was it was similar to that old-time classic Asteroids. And even though GW:G is abit deeper than that, it essentially plays the same.

On the DS, you control the movement of your ship using the D-pad (or the ABXY buttons, depending on orientation), and the touch screen is used to control your "drone", which fires automatically at the direction you are pointing at.

The objective of the game is simple, shoot down enemies to get points, score multipliers and "Geoms. Geoms is the currency of the game, with which you can upgrade the behaviour of your drone and unlock new levels (a.k.a planets).

I'm totally having fun now with the single player portion of the game, and before I forget there's single card download play to play with a friend who doesn't have the game, and also multi-card play throw in as well. The WFC connectivity is used to access online leaderboards.

The inclusion of Geometry Wars Retro Evolved (which is the classic infinite version of GW) presents a nice respite, as it's less frantic and less claustrophobic compared to GW:G, but it's still fun.

So if you are looking for a casual game, and an exciting one at that, get Geometry Wars: Galaxies for the Nintendo DS. It is currently available with free shipping (international and domestic depending on location) at Play Asia (click here) and (click here).