Monday, January 07, 2008

Advertlets - "We Admit" - No Apology in the E-mail?

It tickles me pink to see people blogging about the Advertlets, but not having remove the damned code from their own blogs. Despite flushing my DNS and clearing my cache, I'm still seeing the redirected page, albeit a slightly differennt one with a new expiry date set to 2010.

I'm actually expecting a letter of apology in my mailbox, rather than something written on that Internet-forsaken site known as Why post up an apology on a site that is still half past six after this domain name fiasco? I can see the post on, but I can't read it in full, since the damn site still redirects.

The problem was still there, affecting other blogs even early this morning! I know this since I got one blog owner who came complaining that his site got hijacked.

From what I can see from, the apology is robotic and monotonous. "We admit". I'm sure most people don't mind some grovelling, since it was a major screw-up, and a ridiculous one at that.

Forcing us to read about your apology through a blog aggregrator, only to go to read more bout it on a site that is still not working? Please la. You don't need a PR person to tell you that e-mailling would be a better way to handle this. Unless of course the e-mail server is down too. :)