Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Action City Customer Service? Very Poor Assortment Rate.

I would like to think that the readers of this blog know that I like collecting Be@rbricks Series 15, and that I got them from Action City. It's a pretty addictive thing, so much so I even got a friend of mine to start collecting these plastic Be@rs, and then some. However his experience at Play.com.my, with a certain Wind chap will definitely leave a bad taste.

What started out as a normal forum post by this friend of mine:
Went to AC The Gardens ystd and was quite disappointed. The preorder for the Elvis bear is close even though the website states 31/1/2008

led to the following response from Wind, who I assume, works for Actioncity:
I got to make this clear!
Don't give the wrong message to others if you don't know what is going on.
The Be@rbrick Elvis 400% is actually SOLD OUT now!
We don't need to stop taking order because of the extra RM20!

followed by this (also from Wind):
To those who wish to get Be@rbrick Elvis but haven't leave their contact at our store, please call the number below to leave your contact ASAP. We are applying extra stock for Be@rbrick Elvis and should be getting some feedback by these 2 days. Customers who had left their contact with us earlier will be inform once we got any news from Medicom. This should be the last chance to get the Be@rbrick Elvis at Action City.

Call us ASAP at :

AC1U : +603-77272998
ACTG : +603-22829998

Good Luck!

Now, the first response from Wind was rather un-called for, and if this were in the service industry, say, a hotel front desk, it would be akin to a receptionist bushwhacking a guest with a baseball bat, and then asking, "Would there be all, sir?"

Of course all this will result in a rather peeved friend, who responded:
err dude calm down. I wasn't sending any wrong message, nowhere did I say that the preorder was closed because u wanted to earn the extra RM20.

I just said the preorder was closed. And it isn't updated on your website that it was sold out. So how am I suppose to know?! And your staff didn't inform me that it was sold out. So once again, how am I suppose to know?

Frankly, I dont like your accusing tone that I am sending wrong messages.

Which in turned, triggered a complete meltdown of customer service from Wind, provided he is working for Actioncity, otherwise it's just crazy forum member talk.
If you are not sending the wrong message to others, then you are sending the wrong message to me. You had mislead me!

No one will like the "accusing tone", neither me! If you don't like what I had wrote, that is because I'm not happy with what I had seen.

My friend is probably nice enough to let all this bull-shit slide, he even called up the shops but the answer given to him was that there's no more stock and the pre-order was closed. This runs contrary to Wind's second post.

Yes, Actioncity might be the easiest place to get Bricks around KL, but this certainly is no way to treat your customers. To Wind, grab a chill pill, and grow up.

For those who prefer to read, the forum is right over here.