Thursday, January 31, 2008

Spotlight: Zelda Sound Drops Gashapon Collectibles

First, we had Yujin's The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass Figure Collection Gashapon, and now, Bandai has released the The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass Sound Drops Gashapon collection.

What's a sound drop? Basically these key chains sized collectibles have a button each, whereby pressing it will emit a unique sound from The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass video game. There are 6 different designs to collect, and like most gashapon (capsule toys), these are limited in availability.

Interested? Zelda fans wouldn't want to miss out on this. Click here for purchase details at Play-Asia.

Bargain Bin: Arcana Heart, Fighting Game for the PS2

This week's special at Play-Asia is a Playstation 2 fighting game that I've never heard before, Arcana Heart.

However, I did some Googling and found out that this 2D fighting game has some really good reviews. Check them out at:
This PS2 release is now available at a discounted price of USD 29.90, whereby you save USD 30 from the list price! Click here for purchase details and just in case you don't know, there's free international shipping to certain countries.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ready for Some Game Crack? Digidrive for the GBA/NDS Review

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I spent 2 days in Sitiawan, cleaning up the holiday home but I wasn't lacking in entertainment. In fact, I spent most of my free time eating, sleeping, driving around my old hometown, or playing with either one of the two handheld consoles that I brought with me.

The first one, the Game Boy, had Bura Bura Donkey loaded up and the second console, my trusty old DS had the R4 and Digidrive. I've already gave a review of Bura Bura Donkey, so lets talk about Digidrive.

If you were to ask me how to describe Digidrive right after my first few attempts of playing it, I would be in a total loss for words. Despite the relative ease of getting into grips with the gameplay, I still find it hard to describe the game in words.

Part of the bit Generations series of games, Digidrive can be best described as a multi-faceted puzzle game, which is part Tetris and part racing game, by which if you are caught up, it's game over. The game is part Tetris stems from the fact that you'll spend most of your time shuffling and arranging different tiles (of 3 different designs) along a horizontal and vertical axis (like a cross). These tiles come in along the axis from the edge of the screen.

Arranging 5 tiles of the same design at one of 4 points along the cross will cause some sort of gauge to appear, and pilling in the same tiles (or pegs) into that particular point will cause the gauge to increase, and even change shape. Every now and then, a special tile will appear. I call it the "ambulance" tile, due to the sound effect of sirens being played whenever it appears. Driving this tile into a point in the cross will cause the gauge (if there's one at that point) to be used up.

This is were the "racing" or "driving" part of the game comes into play. The type of gauge expended (used up) will determine how far the puck (on the right hand side of the screen) will move along a straightway. The distance travelled in meters is measure and it forms your score. Now we come to the main objective of the game, which is to use drive the puck away from some sort of barrier that is constantly approaching the puck. Once the barrier hits the puck, it's game over.

So it's pretty simple: arrange the same tiles, build up the gauges, use the ambulance tile to utilise the gauges to provide fuel for the puck to move away from the barrier.

One interesting aspect of gameplay is when all four points of the cross have gauges. This will trigger a mini game to be played, whereby you'll have to guide incoming pegs into the respective points where the same type of pegs are residing. This will quickly fill up the gauges (and cause them to change shape). One mistake will end the mini game and the last gauge will be utilised to move the puck.

If it does sound a little confusing, have a look a the gameplay videos. The first one is a little sped up, since after all it's an expert level attempt at some crazy high score:

The second video is a more, normal look at how Digidrive is played, although I would probably play it a little differently:

It does look a little baffling, but once you have tried the game, you'll find it hard to put down. I bought this game for a bargain bin price of USD 9.90 from Play-Asia, with free international shipping. For purchase details, click here. And for the rest of the bit Generations titles, click here.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Spotlight: Wave Macross SDF-1 1/5000 Scale Movie Color Edition Figure

This is probably something Macross fans should look out for, Wave's Macross SDF-1 1:5000 Scale Movie Color Edition figure. This fully painted and fully assembled showpiece model is made out of ABS/PVC and die-cast components and measures 240mm in warship mode.

It's big, it's pretty and from the pictures alone, you can tell that the centerpiece for any serious Macross fan's collection is transformable(!).

The Wave Macross SDF-1 1/5000 Scale Movie Color Edition figure is now available from Play-Asia, for USD 149.90. Get it now before this limited availability item is sold out. Click here for purchase details.

Bargain Bin: God Of War - USD 14.90

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Previously I blogged about God Of War II being on sale for a discounted price of USD 19.90 (now it's USD 24.90). Now, the original God Of War is going for an ultra low price USD 14.90. Click here for purchase details, and by the way, there's also free international shipping to some countries.

Spotlight: Mario Collectibles And Zelda Gashapon Back In Stock

Since the previous bunch of items featured on this blog were a tad too expensive, lets have a look at some cheaper, but no-less interesting, Super Mario Bros. collectibles.

First up, are the touch-pens from the Nintendo DS Character Touch Pen Super Mario Bros collection from Yugin. Consisting of 6 different touchpen featuring characters such as Boo and Goomba, these touch pens bring "full-size" control to your Nintendo DS experience, compared to the puny touch pens that the console normally ships with.

Each touch pen goes for USD 3.90. Click here for purchase details.

Fancy Super Mario Bros items and characters on your phone? Now you can have that with the Super Mario Bros. Character Bell Phone Strap from Yujin. This collection also consists of 6 different phone straps designs and characters.

Each phone strap is selling for USD 2.49. Click here for purchase details.

For the die-hard Mario fan, decorate your room with this 22 cm Mario figurine from Banpresto. Available at USD 19.90 from Play-Asia, this one is quite a steal. Click here for purchase details.

On other, non-Mario related news, the Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass Figure Collection Gashapon by Yujin is now back in stock at Play-Asia! Click here to look at pictures of the Zelda gashapon I own, and here for purchase information.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm Back from a Short Hiatus!

I just got back from a holiday in Sitiawan, cleaning up the holiday home in anticipation of Chinese New Year.

So coming up next week, a review of Digidrive, my thoughts on the Aussie Open, hints on where to look for the author of Nine Over Ten 9/10 during Chinese New Year, and what am I gonna do with this hosting plan that I got from Exabytes?! Not forgetting more features on stuff that you might wanna buy: gashapon, bargain bin video games and other stuff!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Videogame Collectibles to Look Out For: Resident Evil & Zelda

There are so many video game-based collectible figurines being put up on sale today, you might as well call it "Video Game Character Figurines Day". It's a little bit lame, but I trust that the following collectible figurines based on characters from popular franchises such as Resident Evil and The Legend of Zelda will leave you desiring one, or two.

First up, Resident Evil. Gaya Entertainment has released an official Resident Evil - The Umbrella Chronicles statue based on the Tyrant. This 1/6 scale poly resin statue is hand-painted and is released in limited quantity, exactly 1500 of them, worldwide. It's now in stock at Play-Asia. Click here for further details.

Coming up in February 2008 will be the rest of the Umbrella Chronicles collection, featuring Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield and William Birkin (in all his mutated glory).

Next up would be The Legend of Zelda. Besides releasing that statue of Metroid Prime's Samus Aran, First4Figures also came up with a statue of the Skull Kid from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Just like the Samus Aran statue, this is a limited edition release with 2,500 worldwide. This hand casted and hand painted figurine also comes with an Authencity Card.

The Skull Kid is available at Play-Asia at a discounted price of USD 79.90, 20 dollars off the list price of USD 99.90. Click here for further details.

First4Figure's Metroid Prime Samus Statue Out Now!

First4Figures' Metroid Prime Samus - Varia Suit Statue is now out on Play-Asia for a discounted price of USD 79.90. This officially licensed collectible comes in limited quantities, with just 2,500 of 'em worldwide.

Each is hand-casted and hand-painted, and comes with an individual number and an Authenticity Card.

Here are some pictures to whet your appetite.

Interested? Click here to purchase.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Joker, Heath Ledger, Is Dead, Drug OD.

I was pretty suprised to find on Digg headlines on Heath Ledger is dead, thinking it was a rather sick joke. You know how some stuff written on blogs can't really hold water. However, the BBC news site was carrying the same story and it's true, the man who is starring in the upcoming Batman sequel as the Joker, is now dead from an apparent drug overdose.

I've not watched Brokeback Mountain, but I've watched him in The Patriot, Monster Ball, and last, but not least, one of my favourite movies, A Knight's Tale. He's a pretty good actor, IMHO.

It's pretty sad reading about this, but it does shows how tragic it can be whenever drug abuse intertwines with life. Stay away from drugs, kids, else they will definitely have the last laugh.

Here's the link to the BBC news report:

Bura Bura Donkey/Donkey Kong: King of Swing - A Review

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Have you ever encountered any game that uses the shoulder buttons of a portable console, such as the Nintendo DS or PSP, almost exclusively? Well, I have, with Bura Bura Donkey, otherwise known as Donkey Kong: King of Swing for the GBA.

This game arrived yesterday along with my copy of Digidrive (more on that later), and I must say, Japanese GBA games sure have things going for them when it comes to packaging. The boxes are way nicer compared to their US counterparts. And the price was cheap too, just USD 7.90 (click here for purchase details)

Gameplay wise, it's really different from any other 2D platformer I've seen. While the Mario games most often involve running and jumping left or right on a horizontal plane, Donkey Kong takes things vertical. You start by pressing both shoulder buttons to make the simian jump, and while in the air, press the left or right shoulder buttons to latch on to handholds (floating pegs) that are arranged vertically.

Alternating between handholds (by pressing and releasing the shoulder buttons), you guide the simian to the top of the level while grabbing bananas. Holding down the two shoulder buttons for a while, and then releasing them will cause a "boost jump", handy to jump from one far handhold to another. And as far as I know, the "boost jump" is also the only way to destroy enemies.

On the matter of the collected bananas, they can be used to a. power up your jump (and thus attack) for even longer distances for a short period of time and b. restore the simian's health. So don't forget to grab 'em bananas.

Bura Bura Donkey brings a very unique control scheme that I've never seen before, in a very pretty 2D platforming package. The graphics are crisp and clean, playing it on the GameBoy Micro. My only concern is that the GBM's shoulder buttons do not have a satisfactory amount of "travel" to them.

It feels like I'm touch typing when I play that game and the small size of the console has led to cramps. But I guess this is what anyone will encounter playing anything on the GBM.

All in all, Bura Bura Donkey grabs a tonne of bananas for really unique gameplay, and truly deserves a spot in the handholds of your GBA games library. I've got the Japanese version, and language isn't a problem here while playing the game. Here's a video of the English version, just in case you need a reference:

The game is available at Play-Asia, for a ultra-cheap price of USD 7.90, with free international shipping available for some countries. Click here for details.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Action City Customer Service? Very Poor Assortment Rate.

I would like to think that the readers of this blog know that I like collecting Be@rbricks Series 15, and that I got them from Action City. It's a pretty addictive thing, so much so I even got a friend of mine to start collecting these plastic Be@rs, and then some. However his experience at, with a certain Wind chap will definitely leave a bad taste.

What started out as a normal forum post by this friend of mine:
Went to AC The Gardens ystd and was quite disappointed. The preorder for the Elvis bear is close even though the website states 31/1/2008

led to the following response from Wind, who I assume, works for Actioncity:
I got to make this clear!
Don't give the wrong message to others if you don't know what is going on.
The Be@rbrick Elvis 400% is actually SOLD OUT now!
We don't need to stop taking order because of the extra RM20!

followed by this (also from Wind):
To those who wish to get Be@rbrick Elvis but haven't leave their contact at our store, please call the number below to leave your contact ASAP. We are applying extra stock for Be@rbrick Elvis and should be getting some feedback by these 2 days. Customers who had left their contact with us earlier will be inform once we got any news from Medicom. This should be the last chance to get the Be@rbrick Elvis at Action City.

Call us ASAP at :

AC1U : +603-77272998
ACTG : +603-22829998

Good Luck!

Now, the first response from Wind was rather un-called for, and if this were in the service industry, say, a hotel front desk, it would be akin to a receptionist bushwhacking a guest with a baseball bat, and then asking, "Would there be all, sir?"

Of course all this will result in a rather peeved friend, who responded:
err dude calm down. I wasn't sending any wrong message, nowhere did I say that the preorder was closed because u wanted to earn the extra RM20.

I just said the preorder was closed. And it isn't updated on your website that it was sold out. So how am I suppose to know?! And your staff didn't inform me that it was sold out. So once again, how am I suppose to know?

Frankly, I dont like your accusing tone that I am sending wrong messages.

Which in turned, triggered a complete meltdown of customer service from Wind, provided he is working for Actioncity, otherwise it's just crazy forum member talk.
If you are not sending the wrong message to others, then you are sending the wrong message to me. You had mislead me!

No one will like the "accusing tone", neither me! If you don't like what I had wrote, that is because I'm not happy with what I had seen.

My friend is probably nice enough to let all this bull-shit slide, he even called up the shops but the answer given to him was that there's no more stock and the pre-order was closed. This runs contrary to Wind's second post.

Yes, Actioncity might be the easiest place to get Bricks around KL, but this certainly is no way to treat your customers. To Wind, grab a chill pill, and grow up.

For those who prefer to read, the forum is right over here.

Sengoku Musou Katana (Samurai Warriors: Katana) On The Cheap!

Sengoku Musou Katana (Samurai Warriors: Katana) for the Nintendo Wii is now available at Play-Asia at a discounted price of USD 14.90. You have like, 6 hours, to take advantage of this offer (talk about being time limited).

For more details, click here.

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

One of the most anticipated games for the Nintendo DS this 2008, is out now. Advance Wars: Days of Ruin is currently available at Play-Asia, with free international shipping to some countries, and for those of you living States-side, take advantage of free shipping on

To whet your appetites, here's an Advance Wars: Days of Ruin trailer:

Monday, January 21, 2008

Akira Toriyama Collectible Figurines - Dragon Ball Z & Dr. Slump

I've got a colleague of mine who really into anime, and sometimes, he even updates me on anime collectibles, which I may not have taken notice of, like this Dragon Ball Z Non Scale Pre-Painted Candy Toy Collection.

This official Dragon Ball Z Candy Toy Collection consists of 10 different characters and 1 secret character, each of them standing around 70mm in height. From the screenshot, there's Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Majin Buu and a few others. This collection looks rather nice, and the main selling point is actually the price!

At USD 2.90 a pop, it's a cheap way to start collecting gashapon and anime based figurines. Interested? Click here for details.

Another Akira Toriyama creation that recently had its gashapon collection released would be Dr. Slump. Alongside Dragon Ball, Fist of the North Star and Rurouni Kenshin, Dr. Slump competed for part of my reading time when I was a kid.

The Dr. Slump Collection Pre-Painted PVC Mini Figure: Gacchan features, as you can already guess, Gacchan in various poses. This collection features 7 different figures and 1 secret (chase) figure.

Interested? Click here for purchase details.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Game Boy Micro Famicom Edition Picture Showcase - Part 2

This post hast been abit overdued, anyways, enjoy pictures of my new Game Boy Micro Famicom (Happy Mario) Edition:

Last but not least, a picture of the games I own, Warioware Twisted (Japanese Edition), and Mother 3.

For pictures of the box in which the Game Boy Micro came in, click here to read Part 1 of my showcase. Interested in getting a Game Boy Micro? Click here.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another Round of Cheap Japanese Import Nintendo DS Games

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I was browsing throught the bargain bin section of my favourite online retailer when I found that quite a number of Japanese Nintendo DS import titles have been added to that section, and one of them is a Club Nintendo Limited Edition!

So check out the list of notables below:

Friday, January 18, 2008

Nintendo Wii, Good for Doctors, Surgeons, and perhaps, Dentists

Apparently, the Nintendo Wii is not only a best-selling video games console, but also a good warm-up tool for medical surgeons. So the next time you are wheeled into an operating theater (or ER), be sure to look out for the guy, or gal, in scrubs, practicing on Wii Sports.

Here's the article taken from the BBC:

'Wii warm-up' good for surgeons
Playing computer games such as the Nintendo Wii can improve a surgeon's performance in the operating theatre, a US study shows.

Only certain games are effective - those requiring delicate movements.

The fine hand control required to play these games acts as a warm up and hones scalpel skills the Banner Good Samaritan Medical Centre team claim.

Now they are designing Wii software that will accurately simulate surgical procedures, New Scientist reports.

They asked eight trainee surgeons to spend an hour playing the games on a console before performing "virtual reality" surgery on a computer system.

Wii warm-up

Game players scored nearly 50% higher on tool control and overall performance than other trainees.

Marble Mania, in which a ball is guided through a 3D obstacle course - was particularly effective in the study.

Researcher Kanav Kohel explained that the type of game play was crucial.

"You don't gain a lot from swinging an imaginary tennis racket.

"The whole point about surgery is to execute small finely controlled movements with your hands, and that is exactly what you get with the Wii."

The fine control needed to move a virtual marble around a 3D maze is similar to the skills needed to perform keyhole surgery, for example.

Colleague Mark Marshall said the games consoles were cheap enough to be used to train surgeons in poorer countries where cutting-edge virtual reality systems were not available.

The researchers will present their work at the Medicine Meets Virtual Reality conference in California later in January.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Game Boy Micro Famicom Edition Picture Showcase - Part 1

It looks as if my Famicom Edition Game Boy Micro showcase is going to be a 2-parter. So feast your eyes on the following pictures of the box my Game Boy Micro came in. Pictures of the Game Boy Micro will be up tomorrow instead!

Pretty cool eh? Be sure to stick back for the actual GBM showcase happening tomorrow. In the mean time, the Game Boy Micro Famicom Edition (or usually I call it the Happy Mario GBM) is still available at Play-Asia. Click here for purchase details.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

What Cheap Video Games Today?

So what video games are on discount today, and what are the best deals, that would be considered a crime to past on?
To get the heads up on the latest bargains and offers, be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed.

My Game Boy Micro Famicom Version Teaser

I managed to get my new Game Boy Micro Famicom version from a dealer today, but since the camera battery died on me and the charger has gone AWOL, you guys will just have to wait for pictures of this gorgeous portable console from Nintendo.

In the mean time, I've ordered a bunch of stuff from Play-Asia to complement my newest console purchase.

My GBA games library is rather sparse, and is occupied by the excellent Made in Wario (Warioware Twisted) and Mother 3 (which is unplayable without a guide).

Digidrive (a bit Generations title) and Donkey Kong: King of Swing are on their way to remedy this situation.

I also purchased a third party Screen Protector Seal for the GBM. No point in gettting the GBM's very nice display all scratched up, therefore prevention is better than the cure.