Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Phantom (Lapboard) And The King (Duke Nukem)

It would seem Christmas is the season for vaporware to crawl out of the woodwork. First, there was the Duke Nukem Forever teaser trailer that was just released yesterday (click here to view), and now, Phantom Lapboard is now on sale!

As a refresher, the Phantom Lapboard was supposed to be part of the infamous vapourware known as The Phantom, a video games console under development by Phantom Entertainment (the company previously known as Infinium Labs).

The console was supposed to play current and future PC games and utilise a direct download service, instead of the typical delivery systems such as disc and cartridges.

As an offshoot of The Phantom console, the Phantom Lapboard is a combination of a keyboard and mouse, which can be used/held on the lap. It's now on sale at the Phantom Entertainment website, for a cool USD 129.95, and only for US customers.

What other vaporware would you like to see come out of the mists..or vapor?