Monday, December 31, 2007

Nine Over Ten 9/10 Wishes You Happy New Year!

Four more hours to the New Year, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all visitors, and commentors to Nine Over Ten 9/10. Thank you for making it a great year for this blog and yours truly.

A special shout out to:
  • Aaron ( - Thanks for the invites and the party.
  • Alex ( - Don't forget to get the Raiden Kubrick from me.
  • Jon ( - For being one of the first to comment.
  • Richard ( - Lego rocks, and thanks for your contribution.
  • Penman ( - For Doodolls, and the help on Kinabalu
  • Jason ( - For all the cheap games, and sharing the same Christian name :P
  • Steven ( - For being an infectious Transformer nut
I've got to run, and just in case I left out anyone, don't fret because I'm wishing all of you (readers, visitors, commentors alike) a HAPPY NEW YEAR!