Monday, December 03, 2007

The Last Thing You Need To Lose Weight is a Wii Fit

The very thought of exercising in front of a television, doesn't really appeal to me, what more having a video game which specifically has the player involved in performing steps, yoga and even jogging in front of the TV!

Whatever happened to going outside, exercising and getting some sun? Is the Wii Fit the latest excuse to be spending more time in front of the television? Television has already been blamed for creating couch potatoes and being a contributor to obesity and all its no so nice "perks", like diabetes and hypertension.

Do you need to have more TV in the equation? Sure, some of you might say the success of a fitness program depends on the participant's discipline but hey, this is TV we are talking about. The temptation to kick back after 5 minutes to savour a pack of nachos with the latest episode of CSI would be greater than anything you would find in a park, or in a gym.

If you have problem in maintaining discipline in your exercise regime, a Wii Fit won't help. Get a gym partner or a sparring partner instead. Don't forget to watch the diet as well.

Will our kids be able to play catch with a football or a baseball, or have a backyard badminton match if we were to surrender play time and now exercise time to the television? This is a dangerous precadence as we can kiss our future generations of athletes goodbye.

The TV generation, as a close relative put it succintly, is a weak, pasty bunch with small limbs and poor immune systems, no doubt due to the lack of exercise AND parents' increased reliance on television as a nanny. The last thing this generation needs is more TV.

If you are a parent, don't get your kids a Wii Fit. Take you kids out to the park instead, get them running about, climbing through the jungle gym, play touch football (I'm sounding increasingly American), or even have a game of Frisbee. Set a good example as you don't want your kids to be obese and there's definately no benefit having them spend more time in front of a television.