Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Has Nuffnang Cheque, But It Is Wet!

No thanks to Mr. Postman yesterday who left a portion of the Nuffnang letter out of the mailbox and thus exposed to the elements. Pardon the lolcat-like language in the title.

In any case yesterday was also a milestone for my Advertlets account as it surpassed the big five-o. I'm not really happy as even though some of my best traffic occurred during the period I had Advertlets on, the earnings were..inconsistent. I would probably be switching back to Nuffnang once I cash out, but wait a minute, Advertlet's cashout minimum is RM 100? Bummer.

Nuffnang, you gotta wait awhile. I like those Guinness ads. Stout's my favourite, umm, beverage.