Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday Shopping Guide - Gifts for Office Workers

Running out of ideas on what cool presents to buy for your colleagues and friends? Well, here's an Office Workers edition of the Holiday Shopping Guide, featuring a bunch of weird and whimsical stuff.

First up, a Missile Launcher. No seriously, it's a USB Missile Launcher from Dreamlink that hooks up to your PC via USB cable. It comes with 3 foam missiles and software drivers for your Windows-based PC. Click here for purchase details. Batteries not required!

Ever thought of turning the staid working environment into a disco or an uptight colleague into John Travolta? Get the USB Disco Ball, also from Dreamlink. It will have him grooving to psychedelic tunes in no time. Click here for purchase details.

The next gift idea is pretty big with room for ONE can of beer. Yeah, it is a USB Mini Fridge. Plug in the mini fridge to your USB port and its cold plate will start chilling your drink, no other power source required! Click here for purchase details.

For other Gift Ideas for your fellow office workers, visit Play-Asia.com! Things to look out for: USB Stress Button, a Rolled-Up Piano and USB Cup Warmers!