Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Get Your Game (and Social Networking) On at Doof.com

I've always liked Yahoo Games for its casual games and despite its rather utilitarian interface, its vast plethora of games ensures that you are a. never bored, and b. always have something to play when the boss is away.

However, in the age of Facebook and Web 2.0, Yahoo Games looks rather jaded and disjointed, therefore it's my pleasure to introduce doof.com. To put it in a nutshell, doof is Yahoo Games on steroids, combining fun casual web games, with a social networking aspect of Facebook, packaged together in an ultra-cool Web 2.0 interface.

I like the games on doof, having played several rounds of Secret Agent and Word Search; and these are just 2 out of the 40+ casual games available on Doof at the moment. Not only can you play games but you can also add and chat with friends, send gifts, customize your doofspace and a whole lot more of stuff.

This is where the comparison with Yahoo Games ends and kudos to the doof development team for coming up with something special.

To find out more about doof and the games on doof, click here and here, and while you are at it, don't forget to add me, zorocaster, to your Friends list after you've signed up.

So, nothing better then to start off 2008 with a website review, a casual games/social networking site at that. A Happy New Year to all you readers out there, and of course, to the good people at doof, for doing such a bang up job with doof.com. To quote the announcer in Unreal Tournament: Impressive.

Disclaimer: I do not own doof.com, neither am I paid to do this post.